At Bodegas Pedroheras we believe that our history and tradition are the main pillars to continue building our path, since, in essence, our origins are the foundation of our identity.

Our greatest heritage is our inherited legacy, which consists of an exceptional terroir and the know-how passed down from generation to generation. Bodegas Pedroheras is a cooperative project in which people represent the engine of our company, with a high commitment to our farmers, customers and business partners.

The working method of the winery is honest and transparent, without tricks or magic formulas, the only secrets for the differentiation of our wines are the effort, constancy and the passion that we put in our work, plus an extraordinary grape quality. We develop a model of sustainable agriculture that is committed to the environment, to ensure that the legacy received is passed on to future generations in the best conditions.

We are daring, and our attitude is futuristic, committed to the innovation and adaptation of our products and services to meet the demands of the market. As far as our wines are concerned, we are clearly committed to quality, using the necessary means to preserve the natural aromas and flavours of the grape, always respecting our raw material; the grapes