Vintage: 2020

Label Type: Young.

Origin: DO La Mancha (Spain).

Grape: 50%Syrah-50%Tempranillo.

Alcohol Content: 14.5%

With a clean and bright color, it is a wine that draws intense cherry red colors and very marked violet tones derived from the contribution of the Syrah grape

It has a very expressive and lively nose full of nuances, where fruit aromas stand out.

Tasty wine, with very good structure and an intense and deep fruit flavor, a true oenological gem.

Perfect pairing with stews and roast beef. Also grilled red meat flavored with herbs and spices, casseroles with meat, bacon and blood sausage. Serve at 12 – 16 ºC

Analysis: Total Acidity: 5.3g/L. PH: 3.50. Residual sugar: <2g/L. SO2: 29/66 mg/L

Auxiliary Materials: Cork: 44×24.5mm. Bottle: 75cl. Label:90x122mm. Capsule: complex.